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  • High Performance Thermal Night Vision Camera
  • STC-14
  • • Thermal Night Vision Camera?
  • The Thermal Night Vision Camera is an advanced camera that detects differences in the infrared energy of objects and the background, converts them int
  • Best Night Monitoring Solution!
  • The STC-14 is a cost-effective and stable night vision camera equipped with a microbolometer thermal imaging sensor. Embedded with advanced infrared i
  • • Outstanding 360m Detection Range with No Lighting
  • • Intricate Imaging with High-Powered Infrared Sensor
  • • 0.08¡ÆCExcellent Temperature Resolving Power
  • • IP66 Approved Dust/Waterproof, Customizable OSD
  • • Light Weight and Effective Cost
  • ¡Ø Please refer to the catalog for more information.